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3 Months Training Affiliated to CTEVT, Govt. of Nepal

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The competency based short-term curriculum for Library assistant is designed to produce skilled and employable lower and middle level technical workforce equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes related to library organization and  management.  It makes the  trainees  able  to  get employment in any kind of library and resource centre.


After the completion of the training programme, the trainees will be able to:

  • plan for the establishment and operation of a small land medium-size library
  • know selection criteria, sources of good books/periodicals and accessioning,
  • prepare a set of library rules,
  • determine the tools, materials and equipment needed for library,
  • classify books subject-wise and can assign class numbers,
  • do end processing, spine labeling and shelving correctly,
  • prepare Author, Title, Subject catalogue cards and other additional cards,
  • file catalogue cards correctly in the card catalogue cabinet,
  • locate books from the shelves,
  • do paper clipping judiciously and maintain the files subject-wise,
  • maintain library databases with standalone system or web based Integrated library system
  • search desired books using various search techniques i.e. free-text & Boolean operators,
  • print the searched list of books,
  • do internet searching and browsing the online databases,
  • Know basic principles and processes of library automation, library digitization
  • do charging and discharging of books manually or electronically under minimum of supervision,
  • answer reference queries using appropriate reference tools/books and resources,
  • know about preventive measures and remedies for preservation of library materials, etc.



The training will be conducted at HealthNet  Nepal. Each participant will be provided a PC supplemented with LCD projected live demos. The pedagogy will be a mix of lectures, discussions, case studies and hands-on sessions. Each participant shall be provided with DDC sets, AACR-II, Sears List of subject Headings and other course materials. Extensive hands-on labs will be a hall mark of this program.

Course Curriculum

Module 1:  Information: Evolution stages

Module 2 :  Libraries: Development, types and functions

Module 3:  Library and Information Science (LIS)

Module 4 : Library planning, organization

Module 5: Acquisition principles and processes

Module 6 : Information processing (Core area)

Module 7 : Dissemination

Module 8 : Preservation of library materials

Module 9 : Information communication Technology in library (Sub-core area)

Module 10 : Mass communication

Module 11 : Inter-personal communication, office etiquette, stress management

Module 12: Entrepreneurship

Module 13 :  Internship (Library attachment)

Time Period

11 am to 5 pm (except Thursday )

This 390 hours training programme consists  of  altogether  13  modules.  It provides skills  & knowledge  necessary  for  the  post  of  Library-Assistant.  There will be  both  theory  and  practical sessions to perform skills/tasks specified in this  curriculum. Trainees will practice & learn skills using the right tools, materials, equipment & machines necessary for the program.

After successful completion of this program the trainees will be equipped with the knowledge and skills  related  to  run  a  small  and  middle-size  library  independently  or  with  very  minimum  of supervision from a professional librarian.

Date of Training Course

Mangsir 15, 2075

Cost: Free for Individuals

Organization: Rs. 30,000 Per Person

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Selection Criteria:

Written Test and Interview

Faculty Members                                                      

1.Prof. Dr. Mohan Raj Pradhan


HealthNet Nepal

2.Ms Indira Dali


HealthNet Nepal

3.Lal Bahadur Chouhan

Deputy Librarian

Tribhuvan University

Mobile: 9849296952


About HealthNet Nepal

HealthNet Nepal is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that serves the Nepalese health community by providing affordable Internet service, access to health information, and technical support for several regional information-sharing initiatives. The users of HealthNet Nepal are health workers from several prominent health and medical facilities, university departments, and non-governmental organizations. HealthNet Nepal’s mission is to combat isolation and information poverty among health professionals. HealthNet Nepal has taken digital library initiatives in Nepal with support from University of Waikato, New Zealand. HealthNet Nepal has also created computerized database to many libraries in Nepal.

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